Useful Numbers

Meteorological Office, Cork Airport:      4917750
Shipping Operations Office:                  4811380
South Munster Weather Dial:                1550123850
University Hospital Cork:                      4546400


Skippers/Owners must arrange Insurance for their craft – both for racing and when ashore on the Sand quay.
Club Insurance does not cover any damage occurring during club activities.
Skippers must make sure that their boats are seaworthy and provided with adequate buoyancy.

Compulsory Personal Buoyancy

Anyone not wearing a suitable buoyancy aid to an MBSC event shall be automatically disqualified.


There will be 6 separate monthly leagues. The Club Championships will be judged as the best 5 out of 6 leagues.
Club racing May/June/July/Aug is on Tuesday and Thursday nights. F.G. 18:55.
April, September with October racing is on Saturdays.
Cruiser gatherings are on Thursday nights for May, June and July and on Saturdays in September.
Competitors must ensure correct details of boat and crew are with the Officer of the Day.

Scoring System

1st Place 1.00 point
2nd Place 2.00 points
3rd Place 3.00 points etc.
Retired: Number of starters in race + 1
Disqualified: Number of starters in race + 2
Did Not Start: Number of starters in series + 1
Discards: I in 4 – 6 Races 2 in 7 – 9 Races 3 in 10 + Races

Prize Giving

Prize giving for each Dinghy League will take place in the Club House after the last race of the League.
Prize giving for each Cruiser gathering will take place in the Club House after each gathering.

VHF Channel

Cruisers will operate on VHF Channel 8 while partaking in Club events.

Sail Numbers

All boats competing in MBSC events should have proper sail numbers attached to both sides of their sail. Ideally, this sail number should be the boat’s unique hull number. When applying sail numbers, those on the Starboard side are to be higher than those on the Port side. Numbers should NOT be back to back, as this makes them almost illegible!

If you plan to compete in regional or national events, the correct numbers are required on the sail in order for you to compete.

For MBSC club racing, the OD will usually be satisfied with any sail number, providing there is no other competitor using that number. If you are competing in a series (e.g. the Class 2 September League), you must use the same sail number for the duration of the series.

Having correct sail numbers is in the sailors’ best interests. Boats without numbers make recording results very difficult and prone to errors.

Amendment to Sailing Instructions – 28th May 2009 (summary)


Due to the confined nature of the club’s racing area, any boat racing under the the burgee of MBSC must be crewed by a minimum of TWO competent persons. The only exception is single-handed dinghies, e.g. Lasers.

All Cruisers

All cruisers intending to race in a club race will advise, within 15 minutes prior to the first gun, that they are in the vicinity of the start and are intending to race. This will be done on VHF Channel 8 to the MBSC race officer.

The yacht will indicate the yacht name and sail number. The race officer will acknowledge this as the yacht’s race entry.

Failure to pre-advise the race officer will deem the yacht to have not approached the start. The yacht will not be deemed to be racing. The yacht’s times will not be recorded and the yacht will not be given a result.

Prior to the first gun the race officer will announce to the fleet the expected movement of commercial traffic in the vicinity of the race course for the expected duration of the race. The race officer will then inform the fleet of the course set for the race.

All Dinghies

All dinghies racing under the burgee of MBSC will be notified, on the same notice board which contains the planned race course, of the expected movement of commercial traffic in the vicinity of the race course for the expected duration of the race.