All course levels are subject to the availability of suitable qualified instructors.

One application form per applicant must be completed.


Each applicant and parent/guardian must sign MBSC General Code of Conduct.



Applicants must be 7 years of age (on the day the course starts) to apply for Taste of Sailing and 9 years of age (on the day the course starts) to apply for Start Sailing (L1). (Birth Certificate to be made available if requested)

All applicants must be MBSC Members.

The number of places on each course is limited to maintain a manageable and safe teaching environment.

Priority will be given to previous applicants. With the exception of Taste of Sailing (Cara) and Start Sailing (L1) All applicants must have a boat or a place on a boat that is seaworthy.


Boats used on the course must be of seaworthy condition and must comply with the MBSC Boat Policy.

Collisions, damage to boats and to rigging are governed by the MBSC Boat Policy.

Course participants must have a copy of the current boat insurance policy for their boat made available if requested.

All boats must be seaworthy. Safety checks will be made at the beginning of the course and spot checks will be ongoing during the course.


All applicants must have their own buoyancy aid, which must be snug fitting and worn at all times on the water, slipway, piers and dinghy park.

Wet or dry suits must be worn. No flip-flops or loose shoes allowed. Proper sailing boots/shoes are essential.

Parents must advise the Junior Organiser in writing of any specific medical condition or disability a child may suffer from.

All applicants and parents must abide by the MBSC Code of conduct.

Sailors always must make sure to keep the club house, dressing rooms and village tidy.

In becoming a member or renewing your membership of Monkstown Bay Sailing Club Limited, you automatically become a member of Irish Sailing, the national governing body.   We will share certain information about you with them including your name and email address, so they can include you on updates of operational activity, their monthly newsletter, and invitations to certain events such as the Irish Sailing Awards, conferences, AGM etc.



The instructor’s job is to work directly with the juniors, so the parents are asked NOT to interrupt an instructor during scheduled class time. If a parent has a comment, concern, or idea, they MUST communicate with the Junior Organiser.

If a junior is away, ill or will be arriving late, please notify the Junior Organiser.

If you have a specific need to discuss an idea or issue with the Junior Organiser, please text to make an appointment on 086 3325633.



The junior sailing Program strives to:

  • Interest and lead juniors in developing safe sailing skills.
  • Promote maximum junior attendance at all junior activities and regattas.
  • Conduct and further develop our sailing program.
  • Develop curriculum that promotes self-esteem, camaraderie, and sportsmanship both on and off the water.
  • Develop parental involvement that will support the various fleets and activities of the Youth.
  • Modernize and improve boats and fleets.